Benjamin Johnson 
BA (Hons) Arch  Founder & Head Visual Designer

Ben, originally from England, started Dream it see it in 2014 whilst studying Architecture at the University of Lincoln, UK. After working on a variety of visual design projects in the United Kingdom, Ben moved to Arizona, USA in 2015.

Since then he has been involved in numerous projects with clients throughout the UK and USA.

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We are a small down to earth studio that are experienced in producing 3D computer models to help visualize building projects before and during construction. We have a strong architectural background and are not only familiar with the design process but also with the planning application stages.  Dream it see it have helped to launch some exciting projects over the last few years, most notably luxury spec homes and a large freeway project.

As professionals, we are always looking to improve, learn and use the latest design software. 

Our artistic images, videos and models really bring those 2D plans to life, allowing clients to see and make changes quickly.

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